iStar Class Programs
Why apply early?
There are several reasons why applying early is to your benefit: 

  1. Applying early helps save money on tuition 

  2. Once admitted, you'll have plenty of time to call us for academic advising as you choose your courses. 

  3. Early admission means you'll be ready to enroll in courses right away. This means you have a higher chance of being placed in your top choice for courses before they fill up.

  4. Making travel arrangements early always saves you time and money.

  5. Once you're admitted and you have selected your courses, you can sit back and relax, knowing your summer plans have already been decided.

Is financial aid available?
Yes, students may apply for financial aid assistance or receive scholarships toward iStar Class tuition.

How do I ensure that the courses I choose will be a good fit for me?
Our iStar staff members have lots of experience advising students. They will work with students to help them select courses that suit their skills, interests, and goals. Because we are familiar with our course offerings, we can help to ensure that you enroll in courses that will help you succeed.

How do I know the credits I earn through iStar Class will transfer?
All iStar Class Programs are fully accredited. Students that receive credit from iStar Classes will receive an official transcript from St. Louis University. iStar will assist students in transferring their credits, but if courses cannot be transferred, students will receive a full refund for that course.

Is attendance mandatory?
All iStar professors will keep track of student attendance, and participation in class will be an important factor in a student's grade. Attendance and participation are also important for students looking to request letters of recommendation from iStar professors. If you are unable to attend a class due to illness, please notify your professor immediately and, if applicable, provide required documentation of your illness.

Are iStar program refundable?
For questions about cancellations and refunds, please visit our Tuition and Fees page.

iStar In-Person Summer Program
What should I pack?
Please consult your information packet for what you will need to bring with you to each program. Depending on the program location, students may be required to provide their own sheets, blankets, and pillows. For all programs, students should bring enough clothing for 3 weeks, as we cannot guarantee laundry services will be available. For classes, students should bring a laptop, notebook, writing utensils, and other school supplies. Finally, students should provide their own toiletries and towels for showering.

How closely are students supervised?
The iStar University Summer Program is a college-level program for high school students, so students are treated like college students. We expect students to assume responsibility for themselves. Students must manage their own schedule of sleep, study, and extracurricular activities. This may be the first time students experience this level of self-responsibility, so we understand it may take some adjustment. We still expect students to be mature enough to attend all classes, complete the work assigned to them, and to abide by the rules and policies detailed in the Student Handbook.

How can I be assured of safety and security while on campus?
iStar takes safety and security seriously and, in partnership with the university at which the program takes place, offers services, tools, policies, and procedures to help maintain a safe environment on campus. All iStar University Summer Programs will have full-time, staff who will be onsite to provide assistance. Additionally, all iStar staff members are background checked and evaluated before being allowed on campus. If a student has a problem or complaint, or they feel unsafe, we have several avenues of assistance and support. Lastly, it is important that students keep their dorm rooms locked if they are away, be mindful of whom they allow to enter the building, do not give their room key to friends, and keep all valuables stored and not out in the open.

May I leave campus for an overnight stay?
For the safety of our students, we require students to remain on campus. Students will have plenty of time on weekends to explore the surrounding area through group excursions. If a student needs to stay elsewhere for the night for any reason, they must receive prior approval from iStar staff, and they will still be responsible for housing expenses on those days.

If I am flying, how do I get to campus?
iStar staff will provide transportation for students to and from the iStar Summer Program location. Students will be given a list of times for student pick up and drop off. We ask students to do their best to arrange their travel time around these times, and also keep in mind they may be required to wait.

What if I arrive late during opening weekend?
We understand that when traveling, students may encounter situations beyond their control. If you anticipate that you will be checking in after the suggested time, please notify an iStar staff member so alternative arrangements can be made.

May I arrive after opening weekend?
For the student's benefit, it is best to arrive on time to ensure they do not miss any crucial information. Exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances, but it will be decided at the discretion of iStar staff, and students may still be charged for the days they are not on campus.

iStar Online College Credit Program
May I add or drop classes?
The first week of each online class will be offered to students for free. After the first week, students have until the third course to either withdraw or switch to a new course. If a student decides to withdraw from the course, they will have the option to retake the course at a later time or receive a refund of $1000.

What format is used to teach courses?
All iStar Classes are taught in real-time utilizing Zoom and our own interface that allows for clicker based questions. Upon registering for the course, students will receive their own login information to access the iStar Class.

How will my grades be evaluated?
All iStar online courses will include exams, group projects, individual assignments, etc. Students will be given a grade based on their overall performance.

iStar Research Program
Will I earn college credit upon completion of the iStar Research Program?
Upon completion of the iStar Research Program, students will not receive college credit, however, they will have the potential to be published in an academic journal, and the experience and connections students gain will be invaluable to their professional goals.



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