Program Overview

Designed in partnership with the top Universities, iStar's In-Person Summer Course provides ambitious international students a pathway to engage in impactful learning and research while earning college credit. 

The iStar Class summer program limits class sizes to 20 students to ensure effective learning and allow for:

  • More time for learning with fewer disruptions

  • Instruction that can be tailored to the individual needs and learning styles of the students

  • Students are more likely to build beneficial trust with the instructor and the other students

  • Teaching methods can extend beyond lecture-based learning

  • Individualized attention and help from TAs

Small Class Sizes

Research Opportunities

Most students dream big when applying to college. This program allows them to enter into the application process well-informed and well-prepared for the college rigor. Beyond exposing students to faculty and classes from elite American universities, students will already have earned general education college credits, making them very competitive applicants. Along with recommendation letters from their faculty instructor, iStar Class students are top applicants that have already shown their potential to succeed in a university environment. 

International students can often feel isolated in classrooms, which can lead them to feel uncomfortable or unconfident when it comes to group-based activities such as discussions, projects, presentations, and other tasks that are vital for the development of 21st-century skills, like effective communication, critical thinking, and creativity. The iStar Class gives students the opportunity to practice and cultivate these skills in a safe learning environment. The bilingual TAs also provide a valuable resource for international students to develop skills and a strong understanding of the subject matter.

21st-Century Skills

Connection to Resources

Once enrolled in iStar, students will treated as an official university student and be able to access and utilize online resources shared by the institution. In addition, students have the potential to earn recommendation letters from course professors, all of which currently teach at top 30 universities. 

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iStar Class is an IPERC Academy Program. To learn more about IPERC, click here.