Program Overview

Our online college credit courses are designed for students looking to earn college credit for general education courses, helping them to save both time and money in the long run. Courses are available year-round in different lengths, allowing for flexibility for students. Upon completion of these courses with a passing grade, students will earn an official transcript from St. Louis University. 

Unlike regular online courses that rely on self-studying, iStar Class courses are taught in real time, allowing for teacher/student interaction, group discussions, and immediate feedback. Additionally, lectures and lecture materials are available after class to reinforce lessons.

Real-Time Classes


At iStar, we know that students looking to get a jump start on college are actively involved in activities all year round. That's why our classes are tailored to fit our students' needs. Students can choose from either a semester-long course or a more intensive 3-week long course. 

During their freshman year, most students spend time and money trying to figure out their passions and career path. With iStar Class's expansive course options, students can explore their interest and earn up to 20 or even 30 hours of college credit. This means less time spent in college and less tuition later on.

Save Time and Money

Official College Transcript

Students who complete online and summer courses with a passing grade will receive an official transcript from St. Louis University. Credits earned can be transferred to universities around the world, allowing students to dive right into their major of choice.

Students that excel and do well in iStar courses have the opportunity to receive letters of recommendation from iStar professors. For those students applying to elite universities, insight and support from iStar's distinguished faculty will boost a student's resume and help their application to stand out.

Letters of Recommendation

More Than Just a Test Score

Different from AP, IB and other similar courses, iStar courses are evaluated on a step-by-step basis. Students’ scores are judged based on their daily assignments, mid-terms, final exams, reports, and other class activities, instead of their ability to memorize facts. Additionally, more time will be dedicated to training students in 21st century skills.


Semester (3-4 credit hours)

Saturday and Sunday Classes

Summer and Winter (3-4 credit hours)

Weekday and Weekend Classes Available



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