Program Overview

Our research program is designed for advanced high school students and senior students applying to graduate school. All program professors are from ivy-league schools and are currently conducting groundbreaking research in their field of expertise. Choosing from different track options, students attend course-specific lectures, and assist in the professor's lab with the goal of publishing their own research paper. In order to be accepted into the program, students must demonstrate completion and understanding of the course foundations through either previous course work, previous research experience, or AP testing.

Research Tracks

Computer Science: Computation Structures

‚ÄčThis research class will cover combinational logic, sequential logic, pipelining, caches, virtual memory, and basics of operating systems. The course is taught using modern high-level Hardware Description Language and synthesis tools. Students learn to build a RISC-V microprocessor using simulation tools.

Neurobiology of Behavior: Spatial Behavior

In this research class, students will work to understand neural basis of complex spatial, social and acoustic behaviors in mammals, utilizing one of the most spatially and acoustically sophisticated mammals -the echolocating bat. Taking this approach, we aim to uncover core principles of brain function that are shared across mammals.

Admission Requirements

3.0 GPA
Proof of completion of prerequisites or AP testing



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